One Thing for Sure about Occupy Wall Street: It is Not Partisan

Although it is certain that Occupy Wall Street is a movement or sometimes also considered as the momentary development or something in between, this movement’s activists claim that it doesn’t have any connection with any political campaign. It is clearly marked that Occupy Wall Street: it is not partisan in the United States.

No Partisan Political Campaign
One thing to be sure about this activist’s movement is that it doesn’t belong to any political party. There has been a great disappointment from Democrats who have their wish to make the activists of Occupy Wall Street to inspire their party just like what happened to Republicans two year ago as the tea party lit them up.

It is Not Partisan

When the activists of Occupy Wall Street were being asked about it, they clearly stated that their protests were not to favor any parties. Any efforts on moving the goal of the movement into a partisan will be greatly opposed by the members of Occupy Wall Street. Another active member of this movement also claims that they don’t have any intention to rule out the political possibilities in the future.

In general, the protest being held by the Occupy in Zuccotti park, New York, are far from any apolitical issues. There are many issues happen in the healthcare, defense spending, national debt, education, and many more that need to touch.

The Unsatisfactorily Feelings of the Activists to the Government
The main reason for the activists to hold their protests in Zuccotti Park, New York is due to their dissatisfied feeling towards the state of American politics and government. The views mostly come from many flavors. Some are from the newcomers of the political activism, some are from leftists from generation ‘60s, and some are from soured Obama campaign volunteers, Ron Paul supporters and anarchists, and lots more.

These activists have started their movement recently by doing two week march to the Washington D.C last Wednesday. It is scheduled to arrive on Nov 23 where the deadline of the congressional supercommitte will be decided to solve the deficits of federal budget. These protesters from agen bola have planned to do the protest to the extend of the tax cuts since Bush era.

However, despite the aim of the protest, the activists of Occupy still want to be acknowledged as the movement outside the political issues. It is because they think that the status quo of politic is corrupt and they don’t want to be in touch with it completely.

That’s why you need to know about Occupy Wall Street: it is not partisan! The activists don’t belong to any political parties in the United States. That’s for sure!