Representative democracy vs. direct democracy – The failure of the governing bodies

Representative democracy vs. direct democracy is something people have been debating for a long time. Both forms of government have their merits while also having apparent downsides. Both types of government exist at some level in the world, but no perfect governing system is in effect, no matter what some people want to believe. You will find that the number of excuses on why one or the other method doesn’t work is high as our leaders need answers to ongoing questions about the failures during their rule.

 Representative democracy vs. direct democracy – Which one is better

The debate on which one of these two systems is better is irrelevant at this day and age because none of these exist in its original form. No answer to this debate will produce results that will affect the way politicians lead countries. However, it’s essential to discuss different types of rule from the modern standpoint as it gives us a chance to see what downsides of the current government systems are and what needs to change to make them better.

It’s important to note that this article won’t take into account other types of rule that exist all around the world. Some of them might seem successful, and some of them are, but only a small portion of countries all around the world have systems that work. The problems those countries face are caused by the global decisions that superpowers make. In reality, it’s all about types of rule in first world countries as they create history.

Both representative and direct democracies are great, in their perfect form, which doesn’t exist at the moment. Some governments, the USA for example, look like representative democracies at their best, which is sadly not true if you take a better look at how it works. Same can’t be said about direct democracy as some countries employ only a portion of the laws that constitute the direct form of rule.

Say no to corrupt ruling systems

Not pointing out the faults of a system is wrong as it needs to be done because being ignorant prevents any change from happening. You should not be dissatisfied with decisions of the ruling class if you aren’t out there fighting for your rights.

People forget that representative democracies of the western world don’t follow basic rules of this kind of government. Representative democracy allows people to choose representatives that represent them on the highest levels. Yes, people have an illusion of choosing their leaders, but the reality is that politicians select the majority of lawmakers.

And the worse thing about all of this is that politicians people choose don’t listen to those that choose them. Politicians of the modern times use any means necessary to get elected after which they try their best to push laws that benefit them and private parties that financed their campaigns.

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The Leaderless Movement of Occupy Wall Street in the United States

Occupy Wall Street has come back. The news about it has been massively been spread all over the social media networks. The occupation of Wall Street has been able to become a national issue. Lots of people pay attention to this movement even the president, celebrities and also street vendors. The controversy is made by one and only, the leaderless movement of Occupy Wall Street.

Who are They?
You must be curious about the movements done by these people under Occupy Wall Street. Due to its popularity, the video game on the Occupy has been developed. There also has been a talk about the movement, that is, to occupy the world. To know about who these people are and what they are demanding so far, you need to understand what the movement is.

As mentioned by the activists of the Occupy, this movement has set a clear concept. It is a leaderless movement with no authoritative set of demands. They don’t set any projected outcomes, talking heads, or bottom lines. The members of the Occupy are all the leaders. The statement that we are all leaders have been able to give the clear praxis as well as the clear history on the movement.

The Movements

The Movements
In 1960s and also in 70s, the movement has held a meeting on the focus on the feminism where there has been an issue on several forms of women oppression in private. Women were tired of being excluded from the inner circles of the leaderships. They have then focused on the issue of the gender equality in the formal leadership.

The awareness has also been raised in relation with the gay right. The movement has been able to empower the gay women and men to fight for the rights and also to get rid of the degraded life of the sexual privacy.

These two movements have been able to bring significant impacts to the American lives. The feminism has changed how we look at each other whether we are men or women. The gay rights have been able to free our sexuality. All these impacts have nothing to do with the centralized leadership.

In this movement, there are no leaders with long standing delegates as each of them is the leader. The Occupy operates in simple way, the members are being unified with one powerful goal, that is, all of them don’t tolerate the corruption and the greed.

Therefore, the leaderless movement of Occupy Wall Street will keep on fighting the unjust that happens in Wall Street.