Article V Constitutional Amendment Convention

Contact Person: Dan Marks
Working Group (if applicable) : Inter-Occupy Article V Work Group
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 808-345-3990
This is a Proposal for: General Assembly
Emergency Proposal for General Assembly: Sign declaration demanding Congress’ call to assemble an Article V Constitutional Amendment Convention as 49 of 50 States have applied for. We still have time to elect delegates in the 2012 election.

We involved with Inter-Occupy Article V Work-group unanimously acknowledge the fact that the States have satisfied the required two-thirds numerical threshold to call for an Article V Convention under Article V of the US Constitution and Congress should call an Article V Convention to order.

We offer the attached data to support our agreement of fact.

Corporations and wealthy individuals have crowded out voters from being heard by elected officials in the legislative process and as the primary resource of candidates in their campaigns. As a result, our government can no longer be considered truly a government of, by, and for the people.

The States have done their part in asking for a Convention to amend the United States Constitution. A Convention would give the people the ability to make the changes needed to fix what’s wrong with our political system. It is time for Congress to do its duty and call a Convention to amend the United States Constitution as required by Article V of the Constitution.

The record is clear, the reality that Congress is remiss in their duty is clear. If the power of Congress is to ignore, then Occupy and the States must acknowledge the record as fact. The truth is on our side. The States must begin the delegate selection process immediately. If we cannot wake the States up by the end of April we will not get another chance to elected delegates until 2013. We are ready now. All we have to do is shame a Congress with a 9% approval rating that they will not call this convention to order.

The only option left is the public pressure we can create. This is a political choice as much as a legal choice now. We have the records to wave in their face. Once 20 Governors are waving the records, Congress will call the convention and we will be able to propose amendments. We are running out of time. We need to involve this message in national actions, this is our Constitution to amend.

The States have satisfied the required two-thirds numerical threshold to call for a National Constitutional Convention under Article 5 of the US Constitution. Seize the day!

Revision History:

Kingian Nonviolence Training April 21st and 22nd

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Very Discouraging

From this morning’s OPD bulletin: We are investigating numerous reports and instances of vandalism this morning following last night’s weekly Occupy Oakland related “FTP” march. Four broken windows and spray paint damage were found inside City Center (Starbuck’s, Patelco Credit Union, Scott’s Trade, Quizno’s, Savoy Bail Bonds), and nearby downtown businesses were spray painted along Broadway, including Well’s Fargo and the Clorox Building. Persons wearing black clothing and backpacks were observed committing acts of vandalism and then retreating into the nearby, marching crowd. Officers were unable to make arrests. Although … Continued

Rally Together Against Police Brutality

Yesterday court hearings were heard for the Occupiers who were arrested during the eviction from Osgoode Hall. One occupier was brought into the court and was black and blue, face swollen and stitches above her brow. Two of them were taken to the hospital after the arrests and another stated in court that they had been injured during the arrest. The violence against all of these occupiers was completely unnecessary and shameful. We cannot accept this violence against our brothers and sisters.
Two of the arrested were released on bail and banned from associating with each other along with other conditions including not coming with 25 meters of Osgoode Hall. The others arrested are still being held.

A huge thank you to the lawyers who helped Occupiers through the hearing. They did an incredible job and we cannot thank you enough for your hard work!

Yesterday Occupiers blockaded the streets in front of 52 division. Today Occupiers will continue to blockade 52 division and demand
1. Unconditional Release of three Occupiers still being held in Toronto Jails. (Now 5)
2. All charges dropped against all those arrested on Friday.
3. A Public Inquiry into Toronto Police Violence on Friday.
4. The officers involved must be tried in civilian court.

Ways you can help:
1. Come on down and join the blockade!
2. Bring food and warm blankets, toques, gloves, drinks, & chairs, couches, tents, furniture, etc.
3. Spread the word to your friends and via social media.
4. Be creative! Police violence in Toronto has to end now!!/events/358181370894441/

Twitter accounts to follow:

UPDATE 1: What to Bring
This not a residential area, so bring
1. noisemakers
2. musical instruments
3. bicycle horns
4. pot lids
5. anything else that will make a ton of noiseSee More

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