NYCGA Minutes 3/15/2012

Facilitators: Nick, Anthony

Stack Taker: Dan

Time Keeper: Mariah

Vibes: Carrie

Minutes: Lauren, Chepe

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Announcements and Working Group Reportbacks:

Justin: Announcement to end spokes council and the general assembly, occupy wall street is suppose to be a horizontal movement, we can accomplish everything in working groups and direct actions.

Joseph: We should actively recruit from high schools and colleges, we need to get people who are willing to go and ask people to come to occupy and learn. Also in the American Spring keep it clean

OWS En Espanol: next Sunday we are going to the Bronx in solidarity with PR our meeting will be there too, we are taking our meetings outside of the wall street areas.

Class War: Elis the first on the 31st we are having an event in union sq how to kill capitalism, 3pm, we went to GA to ask it was blocked but we are going to do it anyways, benefit show for the general fund if you want to help us do this come find Anthony me or Chris

Emanuel: San Francisco, collective that produces info cards on various topics, they are free high resolution graphics avail online fro free we suggest a union printer to use as outreach

Lauren: two things 1. If you are on the B of A actions it was awesome and energized, I want to let you know the people arrested will be realized in a few hours. Tomorrow at 2pm it is our first spring training march meet at the park make some signs on go down to wall street for the closing bell.

Bike Coalition: Donations for bikes like crazy, we need tools and space if you know how to help us. Every Tuesday noon -2 bike repair training 5pm mobile tatics training in Williamsburg

Tony: 12-2 try and get out at least 2 days a week, cools

Visions and Goals: the 1/24 Liberty bullet point got consented on in the mean time the whole GA would never consent we are going to bring it to theoretical consensus so everyone can see how OWS feels about all theses points.

This Sunday March 18th at 6pm at Zucotti Park, I will be facilitating with a support team a story time about the night of the evection

If you are interested in citizen journalism please let us know

March 17th we are having a march starting at 1 from Liberty to the bull to the Irish hunger memorial speakers, silent march, t-shirts

March 25th the next pop up occupy at Ft Greene, know your rights training, also every Friday at 2pm at Zucotti, Intersectionality workshop, if you missed it the first time don’t worry it will happen again on March 25th at Ft Greene park

We are doing a survey we want to know how you feel about the police, please take our survey

Joseph: to bring more people to Occupy we should et up chairs and have food in the park

Proposal: Anti-repression Committee, Response letter to the Pelican Bay letter, Result: Consensus with the FA to remove the word intelligent form the letter as to not sound patronizing

Stand-asides: 0

Blocks: 0

Proposal: Sebastian, Endorse a festival in Seattle in August: Everything for Everyone, Result: Passed modified consensus (22:1)


FA: Change the name to Everything for we the 99%

Not Accepted

Stand-asides: 2

I am concerned with endorsing events we are not able to see the organizational process

Block: 1, you are including the 1% in your proposal

Modified Consensus: 1 against, 22 for

Result: Passed modified consensus

Proposal: OWS Newsletter Team, GA’s consent to send our weekly newsletter to people who have donated to Occupy, using the emails currently in the accounting database Result: Consensus with the FA to commit to finding out whether we made a promise to protect donor anonymity on a case-by-case basis and if we have that we don’t move forward with the email to those individuals and they can opt out at any time.

Stand-asides: 0

Blocks: 0


Proposal: The occupy Wall Street Anti-Violence Statement, result: Tabled, no time extension

FA: at the top where it is stated that this excludes the discussion of self defense or the defense of others in place an asterisks: regarding the use of force for true self defense or defense of others it can be appropriate or obligatory to do so, however

FA: Translate in to many languages, give more time for the movement to read and discuss before we move forward toward consensus

Temperature check to extend time again, negative: Tabled due to the extension of time

EMT Announcement: All Native American people or people being bron in this land should take time to read this story:

Proposal: Direct Action on April 1st, the 6th month anniversary of the mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge, A1: Twin Marches one from Hanson place, one from Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park) all metro area GA, 4pm at Cadmen Plaza in Brooklyn, Result: Consensus

Proposal: To exclude people via Emma Goldman quotes. “We may have an encampment in a couple days. When we had one, we kicked people out through an undemocratic process. So my proposal is that we create a standardized process, and the NYCGA proposes to exclude people based on their conduct regarding those statements and community agreements passed by OWS, this would prevent people from the ability to participate in General Assemblies, Spokes Councils, access too bail funds, Working Group participation, ability to join us in encampments, or to use resources provided for by OWS…for access to resources we offer none, and we agree to shun the individual until they have repaired their behavior. Result: Tabled by propser to take to translation so more people can understand

FA – Must be proposed a week in advance and passed at 3 consecutive General Assemblies.


FA: when someone puts a proposal to ban somebody they can ban for a specific amount of time but not necessarily forever, it would be up to whatever the issue and whatever the group of people putting together the proposal think

I accept, it should be up to the GA to decide

Tabled by proposer

Thats the end of GA!

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